Apple iPhone X review: The Best iPhone Apple Ever Made

The Best iPhone Apple Ever Made

iphone x

The Apple iPhone X is the ultimate leap that Apple needed to make since they started producing the iPhone brand. And thanks to the iOS update, the phone is much more stable. It sets a new trend for the next line of iPhones. The phone stole the show from its predecessors to set a standard that other smartphone companies will soon mimic.

Apple took a very risky gamble when they tweaked some of the features such as eliminating the home button, introducing a new way of locking and unlocking the screen. This seemed all too risky given the fact that they did away with the headphone jack in the previous brand. But the catch about iPhone X is that this is the phone we’ve all been looking forward to.

Different from the increasingly-tired designs, the iPhone X is bound to control the smartphone market. So, is the iPhone X worth the money? Let’s have a detailed look at this magnificent Apple phone.


The Apple iPhone X has unsurpassed speed when it comes to the processor speed. The phone supports wireless charging hence no need to carry cable charge. It has an innovative industrial design that is second to none. The top-tier camera is anything to go by.


It is expensive even though it will soon be replaced by a better model. The glass body is prone to cracking and severe damage.

Let’s look at some of its fantastic features

Stunning display

The first thing that will capture your attention when you pick the iPhone X is the stunning screen. The 5.8-inch OLED display is the best maneuver that Apple has made in the last decade. It outshines the iPhone 8 plus by far; the sharpness, the color reproduction and the fact that the glass screen fills the front part of the phone.

The OLED display technology means that the colors will be more enhanced, giving you a better feel of the pictures, videos, and content on websites. The notch cut at the top of the screen has a depth-sensing sensor technology that outshines all phones using this technology.

The notch cut lets the phone cut the status bar into two. With more application developers tailoring their apps to fit on such screens, it is no brainer that the notch cut is the next feature to rock the phone industry. iPhone X uses the True Tone display to emulate the lighting of the surrounding giving you a better feel when watching videos or reading.

Face ID and Animojis

The face ID is a huge gamble for iPhone X. it replaces the conventional Touch ID. Instead of using your fingerprint to unlock it, it only requires you to look at it. The Face ID is highly responsive when you follow the following steps:

  • Swipe the lock screen
  • On the home screen, you will find a Face ID Animation
  • It recognizes you and your phone unlocks.

A downside of this feature is that, if it misses identifying your face the first time, you will need to sleep and then reawaken the screen. This can be stressful if all you wanted is to view notifications. However, the Face ID is slowly improving as Apple updates the iPhone X frequently.

The best part about this feature is that it works with precise accuracy in the dark. Yes! In the dark. However, you should not hold it so close to your face. Another convenience that Face ID presents is the fact that you don’t need to remove your gloves to unlock it.

In addition to Face, ID is another ingenious feature known as Animojis. You can access it through the messaging app. Here you will find an option of sending an animated message; Animoji. It records your facial expression together with what you are saying and bundle it up into a short video. A great feature for emoji lovers.

Top- tier camera

The iPhone X has a 12-megapixel wide angle lens with a wider f/2.4 aperture compared to the iPhone 8 Plus camera. This allows for quality photos in low light situations as it uses the telephoto. The camera also has optical image stabilization which prevents blurriness when taking photos. The telephoto feature also improves the quality of the photo taken in portrait mode.

It comes with a stellar rare camera. Offering excellent color accuracy, more detail, and a shutter option. The shutter option lets you take as many photos as you can. The iPhone X’s camera is an impressive feature that lets you do more than you deem possible. It is quick to operate and highly responsive.


You should buy this phone if you’re an Apple fan. You will be amazed by the stellar features it will present you. The jaw breaking display will leave you yearning for more not to mention the Animoji feature.

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