Kindle Whitepaper review: The Best Deal for Bookworms

Kindle Whitepaper review

kindle whitepaperThe kindle whitepaper is here to solve problems for all bookworms. Books tend to take up space in our living room. A room of a voracious reader looks like a library in just a few months. Another problem that readers face is to carry around a 900page novel. Such books take up space in your bag for other objects. Kindle whitepaper addresses all the above pain points. It’s a great option to keep your books in an easy-to-read package.

The good

It is fairly affordable, selling at about $119.99 on Amazon. It has a very impressive screen for a comfortable reading experience. Kindle whitepaper has an impressive battery life of up to one week.

The bad

The Kindle whitepaper has a bland design which can make reading boring. It does not integrate any audio functions. Another downside is that it can only be used on Amazon platform.

Kindle whitepaper Key features


Probably the best improvement made from its predecessor is its 300ppi screen. This is one of the reasons you should upgrade from the earlier models. The 300ppi makes texts sharper reducing eye strain when reading. It also facilitates the reading of small text facilitated by the inbuilt lighting system. It makes the reading impeccably swift and easy to do.

All new bookerly font

This is the best part about the Kindle device. The font resembles that of a print book giving you that feel as if you are reading a book. The bookerly font facilitates long reading giving the text a more graceful and appealing look.

The new kindle whitepaper comes with improved character spacing and drop-cap support. It also integrates the use of hyphenation and justification making reading a no-stressful affair. Previous kindle whitepapers had an awkward character spacing that slowed down the reading speed. The text engines have addressed all the above problems guaranteeing a seamless reading experience.

The Oxford dictionary

This is beneficial specifically to the people who are eager to add vocabulary to their grammar. You can do this on the go. All you have to do is to long press on the word you wish you to know the meaning. The juicy part is that all these are stored in the vocabulary Builder can be used later.

The app tracks your reading progress by providing a percentage on the lower right corner. It is an indication of how much of the chapter you have read and the remaining time to complete the chapter.

Long battery life

The gadgets are used for reading purposes hence the long battery life. Amazon points out that the battery can last for almost six weeks on medium usage (one hour use daily, Wi-Fi off and brightness set at 10).

How to use kindle whitepaper

In order to access books you can either:

  1. Using Amazon Kindle library

Once you buy a kindle, you will be prompted to register using your Amazon account. Once set up, you can access all the books you need. The next step is to buy the book which is later transferred to your Kindle.

  1. File transfer through PC

Browse for those books you want to read then transfer them to your kindle.


The new kindle whitepaper is the perfect tool for all bookworms. Giving you that feel as if you are reading a print book. The Kindle also lets you access a behemoth book library on Amazon. If you like reading, this should be a must-have gadget.

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