Top 10 Deal Sites That you need to Know

Deal Sites

Going through newspapers and magazines was the norm decades ago when searching for deals in your locality. It was a daunting task to undertake and at times the deals would slip between your fingers. Thanks to the advent of the internet we can now access these deals without much hassle and in time.

These money-saving websites save you time. It is now easier to find the next deal or coupons around you. With daily updates, there is no need to pay full price any longer. However, not all sites that claim to be deal sites are genuine. Some will jack their prices so high such that even the so-called discount is higher than the initial buying price.

However, you do not worry because we are going to provide you with the best deal sites that are genuine. Sites you can find deals for your holiday, electronics, grocery, etc. below are the top sites that will help you save money.

  1. Bargainist

A top rated deal site that provides with the latest sites and stores that have discounts. It is updated on a regular basis. The newest deals are always listed at the top. Some of the stores you can find on this site are Gap, Amazon, and Best Buy among others.

  1. eBates

It offers goods at a cheap price. It is a well-known coupon site that presents its clients with a cashback system. You will get cash back from more than 1000 online stores. They offer you 3% to 10% cash back on certain products. If you don’t find a coupon, you should not worry, you will pay less for the product you want to buy.

  1. Woot

It has built a reputation for posting daily deals. First established by Amazon, it has experienced growth and continues to offer clients more deals. It also allows you to vote on the available deals. Which is awesome from which is downright awful. You can use your Amazon logins to access deals on this site.

  1. Redplum

It is a site that provides its clients with daily coupons.  It provides the user with an easy to navigate site interface for fast identification of deals. The best day to access irresistible deals is on Sundays. That’s the day they post new deals.


It is a behemoth portal that provides you with deals from over 6000 online retailers. The deals are updated daily, giving you an option of searching by brand or by store. Another catch is that you can decide which type of deal you want; either a coupon or a discount. If your preferred store is not online, chances are you will find it here. They post deals from brick and mortar stores.


A reputable deal site, it has in the past incorporated other deal sites merging them into one site. Its main focus is electronics and clothing. The site is also easy to navigate hence you can find what you need in a very short time. Some of the electronics featured are laptops, TVs, GPS systems among other electronics.

  1. Slickdeals

It takes a community approach allowing the public to share their deals and coupons for others to use them. How well your deals do depends on the vote count of the community. As a bonus, the top voted deal appears on the homepage of the site. However, you can still search for deals using the search bar.

  1. Flamingo world

The best part about using this site is that you don’t need to have an account to access deals. You can simply search for them, copy the unique code and use it to shop on the particular online store. It offers printable coupons for the brick and mortar stores and online coupons for online stores.

  1. Slickdeals

The site keeps updating on the available deals. So, to get the perfect deals you need to visit every once in a while. These deals and coupons originate from the large community. You can find deals on various products such as electronics, clothing and travel among others.

  1. Brad’s Deals

This deal site takes a different route all together. Instead of concentrating on electronics products, it focuses on products that are used on a daily basis. You can get deals on clothing, jewelry and toiletries. They offer printable coupons for brick and mortar stores and online coupons.


Decades ago, finding deals and coupons was time-consuming and often futile. However, thanks to the sites listed above you can get deals on any product you want. Just visit the sites and search for them. Happy buying.

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