Top Websites to Get Free Stuff and Samples without Filling Surveys

Free Stuff and Samples

Free samples are a crucial part to any business. They build on the client’s loyalty and attract new clients. However, some of the sites that brag to give free stuff only dwell on the same old trick. They will give you a calendar, a free pen or a business sticker; same old story.

The main reason for giving freebies is for the customer to save money not to promote the brand. How does a car sticker save you money?  The good news is that there exists a bunch of companies that genuinely give away freebies; freebies that save you money, not decorate your already stuffed fridge door.

The obstacle to this is finding such genuine sites. With dozens of crappy sites giving away products that do not save you money as free samples, it can become a daunting and overwhelming task finding these sites. However, you should not worry. We did the legwork and this article will provide you with the best sites where free samples are the norm of the day. They include:

Best sites for free samples

  1. Freeflys

A force to reckon in the freebies world, Freeflys has gone ahead to be featured in popular talk shows and media houses such as Fox News. The site uses emails to let its clients know when there are freebies on offer. The search bar on the site lets you search for freebies without much hassle.

  1. BzzAgent

Focuses on product testing. They send you products that need testing for free. The products are exchanged for feedback concerning its effectiveness and usability. The process is straightforward. You sign up, then receive a product for testing purposes, fill a questionnaire that comes with the product and finally, you get to keep the product. Simple and fun-filled.

  1. PINCHme

The company sends you a variety of products to test. They are commonly stashed in a box. You can find health products, snacks, drinks, food and many more. This strategy helps to build brand awareness. Companies partner with PINCHme, whereby they provide it with free stuff which is given to community members. The only requirement is to fill out a questionnaire once you have used the product.

  1. Sample A Day

Sample A Day is the idea of two guys; Nick and Scott. They add humor to their ads since they love humor. However, the site doesn’t give away freebies, it connects you to the companies offering free samples.

  1. Craigslist

It is a great source of free stuff. The company uses the freecycling model. The concept behind is that, instead of disposing of items you are replacing, you can offer them for free to the public. Craigslist comes in to bridge the gap between the owner and the public. The public can search for these free products on their site.


It is a portal that helps people access free products on offer. They can include household items, free meals, and coupons on various products. The good thing is that they update on a regular basis.

  1. Freaky Freddie’s

It is a freebie site that has built a reputation over the years. It offers free stuff such as games, teacher stuff, travel supplies, phone accessories and many more. It also has a freebie section for kids, where it offers freebies for coloring books, t-shirts, toys, etc.

  1. Influenster

This site mainly focuses on women products.  You can get free makeup and other beauty and health products. Once every month you can get a box full of freebies that you get to keep in exchange of feedback. You don’t get tiny samples, rather full-sized freebies. The best Influenster feature is the VoxBox feature. The box contains season themed products such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

  1. Totally Free Stuff

In the freebies world there is no shortage of crappy and scam filled websites. Even though they fade away quickly, they are replaced by dozens more. How long a site has been in operation adds to its authenticity. If this is a measure of how genuine a site is, then Totally Free Stuff is more than authentic. It has been in existence since 1998. Some of the freebies you can get are movies, fleece blankets and Pillsbury Samples and coupons.

  1. My Free Product Samples

It is a growing platform where you can get free samples of any product. It updates its database frequently hence it is easy to find the best freebies in the market. It offers new sign-ups with a tutorial on how to identify scammers.


Freebies have become the norm of most established and startup companies. They serve to build brand loyalty and to expose the public to new products. The above sites offer you genuine freebies in exchange for feedback.

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