Want to Earn Extra Money With Uber?

Make More Money With Uber

Uber has created an employment platform that has benefited millions over the world. All you require is a driver’s license, your car and a smartphone to start this lucrative venture. The Uber application will assist you with everything from picking passengers, best routes, looking for rides and so on. This can be done as a main or side hustle depending on a person’s preferences. However, as long as you are depending on uber to make income, it is wise to make the miles work harder for you and bring in more money. There are a number of innovative and creative hacks that you can use to bring in more money without much sweat. Below are 4 ways in which you can earn extra money with Uber.

Place Adverts with Vugo

Businesses are always looking for more ways to promote their products and services especially directly to their prospective consumers. They have found that advertising to passengers who are in most cases looking for something to stare at as they ride in the cars is very effective. Vugo has come to actualize this reality where they monetize trip revenues by using sponsored brands and other business as clients to advertise. A driver will place an ad displaying tablet in their car and will receive extra money at the end of the month.

Using Wrapify to Turn Your Car Into a Billboard

In the competitive business world, marketing has become a vital tool for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition. Visual marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies and for this reason, wrapify has taken this advantage to create an ad-sponsored opportunity. You’ll be required to wrap your car with a skin that bears a commercial advert and the company will pay based on the mileage.

Increasing Passenger and Driver Referrals

When drivers refer new passengers or drivers, Uber normally pays good referral fees. To capitalize on this, drivers are encouraged to print their business cards with their referral codes and hand them out to the clients and other people. You can even go an extra mile and hand out these cards in public spaces and even on fake parking tickets.

Use Cargo to Turn Your Car into a Vending Machine

It is always wise to have Cargo which is an attractive box or basket that is filled with snacks, breath mints, candy, refreshments and more. You can offer some of these for free but for most, the passengers will be required to buy. Using the cargo menu application, the passenger will enter the code of the product they want and proceed to check out with the driver. Cargo will then pay a fee for each of the product and even the free products as well.

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