Earn Extra Cash with Lyft

Make More Money With Lyft

Earning an extra income can completely change your life positively. Many people have turned to Lyft as an extra source of income while others have ventured full time. Lyft is a rideshare company, just like Uber, that offers drivers an opportunity to make money by picking and ferrying passengers to their destination. All this is done using the Lyft app and has created employment opportunities to millions of people worldwide. Although many drivers complain that the earnings are somewhere close to the minimum wage, some drivers are making a killing using the same service. Below are some of the ways you can earn extra cash with Lyft.

Schedule Driving Hours During Prime Time Pricing

Most drivers are not aware of prime time pricing and how it works. However driving during this period is the quickest way to increase the earnings and understanding it will bring more cash to the table. You can schedule your driving time around the prime time hours so as to maximize the hourly rate. Just like the Uber surges, prime time is when the demand for drivers is high but supply on the roads low.To avoid competition during these hours, Lyft will pay drivers more so as to make the clients happy and satisfied. The passenger will pay a little higher and the driver will consequently earn more. Learn more about prime time pricing and you’ll be raking more with Lyft.

Using Referral Codes To Sign Up New Drivers and Passengers

Using the referral bonus is another smart way drivers are using to earn extra money. Lyft is always looking for more drivers as the demand is always high and also in order to stay ahead of their competition. The strategy involves offering money for every new driver that signs up with your referral code and hits the set target.Always come up with innovative strategies such as printing cards with the refferal code and dishing them to everyone who cares. Also, promote the codes on social media and other platforms that will increase exposure.

Use Uber Requests

Uber and Lyft are direct competitors and Lyft would not want you working for the other. However, a driver is an independent contractor with freedom to choose which company to work with. Register with both companies and juggle in between when work is down on one and high on the other. You can use both apps co-currently on your phone and maximize on the number of clients you get.

Work For Food Delivery Apps

When you’re not getting requests on both apps, it is always wise to work for a food delivery app. There are many food delivery apps out there that will keep you busy and earning. Mid-day hours are the times people are ordering lunch and rideshare requests are low.

Increase Your Tips

Always have a great attitude and wear that smile to work. This together with providing snacks and refreshments to passengers will go a long way and will increase your chances of getting a good tip. Be nice, offer passengers an option of charging their phones, text or call passengers so as to locate them, maintain a clean and fresh vehicle among more.

Want to Earn Extra Money With Uber?

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