Get your prepaid Visa Card for ALDI after taking a short survey

Earn a prepaid Visa Card for ALDI with short surveys

It is a win for shoppers as Aldi has already started taking credit cards. Many people are therefore looking for their prepaid Visa cards to take advantage of this new opportunity. Actually, by taking short surveys online, one can get a prepaid visa card for Aldi. Aldi is a low-cost supermarket chain that is growing at an alarming rate. Aldi already has around 1500 locations all over the country. Recently, it announced, that it will start accepting credit cards across the four major payment networks, American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard. This has seen the demand for these cards sour and now one can avoid the hustle and get them by filling short surveys online.

Beware of fake vouchers that will cost you more

Scammers are everywhere. Early in June, there was a promotional offer that claimed to offer Aldi gift card worth $100 using their logo. The promotion claimed that one had to fill a short survey that required all forms of personal data. After filling all this personal information, people were taken round and round to either sign up for a paid subscription offer or getting a new credit card. The personal information is then used by these cybercriminals to access victims money and other forms of identity theft.

How to protect yourself

Be wary of who you are dealing with

Always directly contact the retailer to confirm the legitimacy of the said offer when you come one on emails, texts or social media posts. Do not respond to the emails, website, and the number provided. Conduct an independent research to confirm the authenticity of the offer from the retailer directly.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Once you come across an offer that is hard to resist, think twice! Many scammers will offer enticing offers such as a $1000 Aldi prepaid visa card by completing a super easy survey. Also, avoid the sense of urgency used by these criminals to cloud your judgment. Always sit back, relax, research before providing your personal information.

Be Cautious

Scammers can now create a duplicate website that seems professional and even use official logos to dupe you. Always double check the authenticity of the site before providing your personal information. In case you think you have provided your financial information to a scammer, it is advisable to contact your bank immediately.

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