Metromile – Introducing Pay-Per-Mile Insurance. Save hundreds now!

Benefits of Metromile’s Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

The world of insurance is constantly changing as new technologies and innovations come up. Consumers are buying insurance not just for the price it is offered at but also for the on-going value that it provides. Metromile has revolutionized the auto insurance world by offering a pay-per-mile insurance that targets the city dwellers. This company argues that drivers who drive fewer than 12,000 miles annually will save hundreds of dollars. This is ideal for people who do not drive much and who do not mind having their mileage tracked.

How it works

Metromile has an application that tracks mileage by utilizing a device that is plugged in the vehicle’s diagnostic port. The insurance rates are broken into two sections namely base rate and a per mile rate. The monthly premium is equal to the per mile rate multiplied by the number of miles driven during the past month and added to the base rate. However, occasional road trips will not result in an alarming insurance bill because drivers are not charged for more than 150 to 250 miles a day depending on the state.

Benefits of pay-per-mile insurance

The Metromile’s pay per mile insurance is ideal for those who drive for less than 200 miles weekly. This is because it is a much affordable alternative to the current auto insurance polices.

Significant savings

Low mileage drives will benefit by saving over $500 yearly. This is in comparison to other companies that normally subsidize the small percentage which is not always fair. Metromile normally bills you based on the actual miles that you drove and not the driving behavior.

Complete coverage

Despite the fact that you’ll be paying less, you will still enjoy the same complete coverage that you have been used to. This coverage comes in the levels that best suit your needs such as liability, collision coverage and comprehensive among others.

Convenience and worry-free road trips

Metromile offers clients their smart driving application for free. This app includes very useful driving features such as checking engine light decoder, car locator, trip overviews, street sweeping alerts and more. The company also offers a road trip bonus and you can heat your well deserved open road at any time. For example, you will not be charged for 250 miles a day trip and you’ll still be fully covered the entire time.

Client support

Metromile’s reliable claims service is always available 24/7. It assists you with accidents, glass repair, roadside assistance and more. It also has customer experience advocates who will answer all your questions and ensure the claims process is smooth.

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