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Find your dream job today with Lensa

The job hunting world has become more and easier especially with the internet revolution. Long gone are the days when one used to go through newspaper job postings and knocking at office doors. Nowadays, one can get their dream job with just a click of a button. With online job sites such as Lensa, you can find your dream job instantly and transform your life.

About Lensa

Lensa is a company that normally finds people for jobs and jobs for people by using smart technology. The company aims at easing the process of professionals to find their ideal jobs. This start-up technology will change how companies identify the ideal employees and how job seekers get the ideal career opportunities. Lensa was started with the aim of overcoming the challenge on both employer and candidate sides of connecting the ideal applicants with the ideal positions. Lensa uses multiple factors such as industry, location, and salary to provide the most ideal positions.

Advantages for employers

Lensa delivers only the most promising and qualified candidates to the employers. In many job openings, less than half of all applicants meet the minimum requirements.

Assessing applicants

Lensa uses serious gaming, an online assessment program that evaluates the soft skills of the applicants. These soft skills include personalities, decision-making processes, and problem-solving skills. With these results, the employers will interview candidates based on the skills and personalities that are in line with the culture and needs of the company.

Assessing current teams

The serious gaming platform can also be used by employers to asses the current teams. These results will be used as a benchmark for recruiting new employees. These results will also help employers compare and contrast the profiles of the existing team members with those of the new applicants. This tool will enable employers to build highly effective teams that have compatible members.

Benefits to job seekers

Job seekers will receive the highly recommended matches that they are most qualified to. They will also get a detailed report of their soft skill assessment that will help them better themselves especially when preparing for interviews. Lensa will use the recommendations to focus on those opportunities that they will better fit and qualify.

The company will definitely revolutionize the job market by offering the best possible solutions and results to both job seekers and recruiters. Lensa will help people get matched with positions where they will be thriving and happy. Companies will also build better teams and this will transform the entire recruiting market.

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