Simple Ways to Save Money When Shopping Online

By early 2019, online shopping surpassed physical stores shopping for the first time in American history. This has led to the dilemma of whether the traditional physical stores are going to last. It is not a matter of whether online shopping is here to stay. Research shows that four out of five Americans are now shopping online, indicating that this type of commerce is the new norm. Now that online shopping has become the new norm, you must learn new ways of saving money. Learning to save money while shopping online is a crucial 21st-century skill just like texting and Netflix and chill. Below are some of the best tips and tricks to help you save money when shopping online.

Find the Best Online Coupons

For most shoppers, the days of the clipping paper coupons are long gone. The modern tech-world makes it easy for you to find coupons online for just about anything. Coupons let you enjoy great discounts hence saving more. Once you have your online coupons, you should combine them with other offers to save more. Numerous retailers will give you the option of stacking your coupons on top of sales to save more. Do not just go for the standard coupons that have a percentage off or a specific amount of savings based on what you spend. At Honey, you can find promo codes for free shipping, discounted gift cards, cash-back rebates, and other tools to ensure the best savings, perks, and the overall value. It would be best if you used your coupon codes strategically. For instance, if the site allows you to combine different promo and coupon codes at the checkout, ensure to use them in the correct order.

Signing UP for Reward Programs

One of the easiest ways of saving money shopping online is by signing up for reward programs. Most shoppers wonder the best reward programs to sign up for. This entirely depends on where you shop frequently. For instance, if you’re a make-up lover, you can go for a make-up retailer website where you can sign up for the loyalty cards, which will get you rewards such as training and gifts as well. There are other smart reward programs that you’ll come across in applications offering you to redeem exclusive bonuses for taking on specific actions such as viewing or doing a paid online survey.

Shop at the Right Day

Everybody is aware of Black Friday, the back-to-school sales offer, and other popular times when shopping is best. However, did you know that January is the perfect time to snag after-Christmas Sales? Did you know that most companies close their fiscal year in April and are hence offloading goods? Learn more about the best times of the year to make your purchases, and you’ll save money online shopping.  Even on other days, always compare prices using various online shopping tools such as Google Shopping. Once you put your items in the wish-list, you’ll be alerted when the prices drop into your desired range. This is one of the smartest online shopping hacks and is free and easy to use.

Understand the Secrets of the Shopping Cart

Before checking out your shopping cart, take some time to look at these tips for your online shopping. You can look at your items and combine those from related brands into one cart to apply coupons that have dollar limits or save on the shipping. Another smart shopping cart secret is trying to leave your cart purposely. By so doing, you might get exclusive coupon codes from your retailer.

Be Teck-Savvy

Online shopping is developing and transforming at an alarming rate. Retailers are always looking for new and better ways to increase their brand awareness and sales. For instance, websites can now track your purchases using cookies and can even use the information to hike prices on the sites that you shop frequently. Therefore, learn to clear your history, data, and cookies so that every retailer website treats you like a new customer. You will enjoy the latest deals and promotions that go along with that. Another tech-savvy hack when shopping online is creating multiple emails to get more deals in your mail. Most retailers usually send out one-time-use codes to clients, and with more than one email, you can redeem more codes.

By working with Honey, you will access all the tools you need to find the best savings, perks, and overall value for your online shopping. Honey makes them easy-to-use and free for every customer so that they can spend online with confidence.


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