How to Make and Save Money with Ibotta

How to Make and Save Money with Ibotta
How to Make and Save Money with Ibotta

If you love shopping and new to Ibotta, this article is here to help. Ibotta is a free mobile application that gives you real cashback on all your daily purchases from restaurants to online shopping to groceries. Ibotta has already been downloaded over 35 million times and has paid over $500 million in cashback to its users. It was a mobile application launched in 2012, aiming to use mobile technology to connect brands with consumers and retailers. Although millions of people have downloaded the app, very few know the correct Ibotta strategy and planning. To start with, let’s see or Ibotta works.

How Ibotta Works

There are three main ways that you can use the application to cashback.

By Linking Store Loyalty Accounts

If you usually shop at a participating store like Meijer or Wegmans, you can link the store’s loyalty card and automatically receive credit for the purchases that correspond to the Ibotta offers. You can start by looking up the qualifying retailers on the app’s website to confirm if the stores near you are listed. To start earning cashback, go ahead and sign in to your Ibotta account in the application and select the store you are planning to shop. Select the ‘Link Account’ option so you can link your existing loyalty card or create a new one. Finally, fill in the information from the loyalty card, and you’re good to go. The only thing left is to swipe your loyalty card when making purchases.

Making In-store Purchases

To start earning when shopping in retail stores, you need to open the app and find offers at articular stores such as Boxed or Best Buy. You can add the stores you shop at regularly to make it easy to find offers. Therefore, Once you find the best offers, you can add them to your offers list and click the pink plus sign. To complete the redemption process, you will be required to upload the receipt from the store and redeem the offer you want. Eventually, ensure that the store’s name, the purchase date, total amount spent, the purchased items and the payment method used are visible.

Shopping Online

Online shopping has become a darling to many and has even surpassed in-store purchases in America and other parts worldwide. This is due to the many associated benefits, such as convenience and affordability. By using your Ibotta application, you can pick the online shopping retailer or category you want and click shop. Hence, once you complete a purchase using the app, you will get credit for it. Already, Ibotta has over 140 qualifying retailers in their app, so you have many options.

Below are extra tips you can employ to make money and maximize savings with Ibotta:

  • Linking store loyalty cards
  • Looking for bonus rebates
  • Watching for recurring rebates
  • Purchasing the smallest container
  • Shopping at dollar stores
  • Using your price book to price shop for the best deals
  • Stacking rebates together
  • Stacking rebates with coupons and sales
  • Looking for deals on low priced items
  • Looking at rebates with multiple items listed
  • Building a team
  • Looking up items as you shop
  • Keeping your receipts
  • Saving on mobile shopping
  • Save at the commissary
  • Referring friends
  • Saving on warehouse memberships

Based on these facts, you can hop on your phone and download the Ibotta app and start earning and saving cash as you shop. Now you’re in the know!

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